Blog Posts


  • cobra_commander - Tools for working with Component Based Rails Apps: Includes tools for graphing both Ruby and Javascript components in an application and their relationships, as well as selectively testing components based on changes made.
  • transdeps - Gem to find inconsistent dependency versions in cbra apps (Check out how to bump the version of a dependency across all components with this gist)
  • cobratest - Gem to run tests in cbra app based on git changes in components
  • cobradeps - Gem to print dependency graph of cbra apps
  • Flexport Rubocop - Rubocop Rules enforcing component boundaries
  • Packwerk - Enforce engine boundaries (link doesn’t work yet, to be released later in September)
  • CBRA Contracts - CBRA Contracts provides a DSL and “convention over configuration” approach to define contract interfaces between application components

Sample Applications

  • The Next Big Thing - Small sample app showing all the mechanics of Component-based Rails
  • Rails Engines Example - Rails engines example by Task Rabbit
  • CBRA book code - Code to the Component-Based Rails Applications book, which includes many componentized versions of one sample app

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